Please Baer with us...


4 days ago FTVLive FIRST reported that WHP (Harrisburg) News Director Dave Baer was busted by police in a prostitution sting. 

Bear was arrested along with two women that have been charged with prostitution, while Baer was cuffed for soliciting prostitution. 

The station had posted a story on their site, but  made no mention of Bear's connection to the station. WHP GM Arthur Hasson will not even confirm that his News Director was arrested. 

Hasson ironically says that he will not confirm any information to the press (the GM of a TV station will not talk to the press?!). 

Baer has only been with the station a couple of months and it will be interesting to see what the station does Today? 

Who wouldn't want to be a fly on the WHP newsroom wall this morning? 

Stay tuned...