Move Over Paula Deen


Is there something about cooking and being a racist? 

First we had Paula Deen and now a contestant on Gordon Ramsay's "MasterChef" show is taking a page out of the Paula Deen cookbook.   

Contestant Krissi Biasiello has tweeted some nasty things that are nothing more than moronic racist crap. In the first tweet she is talking about players on the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team:


The MasterChef show has not addressed this issue as of yet. Biasiello has deleted her personal twitter account, but he account for the show is still going.

In fact, she sent out this tweet early this morning: 

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 6.35.34 AM.png

We're hoping that the folks in charge of MasterChef will wise up, kick Biasiello to the curb and we'll see her sitting on a couch next to to Matt Lauer saying she "is what she is."

Paula Deen will be so proud.