Former Motown Anchor Spotted

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Last week FTVLive told you that former Detroit Anchor Charles Pugh had gone missing.

Pugh is the current president of the Detroit City Council has apparently left without a trace.

Pugh had missed multiple council meetings over the last month and requested a four-week medical leave. The request he was been stripped of his pay and his power. 

Pugh left as allegations that he had an "inappropriate relationship" with a 17-year-old Detroit student surfaced. 

But now the former anchor has been spotted, but he is nowhere near Motown. 

A Detroit resident spotted Pugh in a Seattle coffee shop and took a picture of him. 

The woman that took the picture approached Pugh and asked if it was really him? He said yes and appeared relaxed according to the woman.

But, Motown sources tell FTVLive that Pugh texted the mother of the alleged victim of his "inappropriate relationship" and said that he is thinking about "killing himself". 

Some feel it is nothing more than a sympathy, pity act to divert attention from the issue. 

The Victims mother is expected to file court documents Today in the case. 

Stay tuned...