Roger Ailes Fires Back


FTVLive told you about a new book out that makes Roger Ailes look more paranoid Bill O'Reilly at a gay pride parade. 

The book titled The Center Holds: Obama And His Enemies, by Bloomberg View columnist and NBC News contributor Jonathan Alter, does not paint a pretty picture of Ailes.

But, the Fox News Boss says it's all B.S. Talking to Politico Ailes responds to some of the allegations by the author.  

Allegation: Ailes “insisted on entering News Corp.’s headquarters through a side door used by no other executives, not even Murdoch, who entered through the front.”

Ailes: “I enter through a side door at Fox. This is the same entrance used by Rupert Murdoch, most of our talent and guests. Fox and Friends go in and out of that door all day. I have never asked for or used a special entrance.”

Allegation: “Ailes had two bodyguards escorting him into the building.”

Ailes: “I don’t have two bodyguards, I have one part-time bodyguard.”

Allegation: “Current and even former News Corp. employees were terrified of Ailes, whose apparatchiks monitored their email like the Stasi and wreaked vengeance at his command.”

Ailes: “Alter says I terrify current and former staffers. That’s pretty easy to disprove. Or you could ask one of the 82 people who followed me to Fox from CNBC because they wanted to work for me.”

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