HUH?! What Did You Say?!


WGRZ Reporter Danny Spewak ended up in the hospital after filing his first report for the station. 

Was he assaulted? 


Bit by a dog? 


So what happened?  

He went on set to file his first story for the station since coming from KOMU in Missouri. He did not have a fitted IFB, so he pulled one out of a drawer in the newsroom. 

After doing his story on set, he couldn't get the IFB out of his ear. After he and some newsroom staffers tried to remove it...they gave up and he went to the hospital.  

The staff there was able to dislodge the IFB in about 5 minutes. Of course the embarrassment will stick around a lot longer than that.   

Spewak had fun on Twitter addressing his embarrassing moment.

“A Cubs player once got hit by a pitch on his first at-bat and didn’t play for seven years,” wrote Spewak.

“I at least had a better first day than him.”

But at least that player didn't get his bat stuck in his ear.