Dog Gone It.... What Happened?

Yesterday, FTVLIve told you about the Providence woman that was arrested for assault on a WLNE news crew.  


Melissa Lawrence was busted by cops after Reporter Abbey Niezgoda and Photographer Marc Jackson showed up at the home and tried to interview her about her daughter getting shot over the weekend at a graduation party. 

In the video of the story, Lawrence can be seen throwing a rock at the camera, walking around with a baseball bat and then telling her two dogs to go after the Reporter.

Luckily the news crew is ok, but you still have to wonder what the full story is?  

The way the story is edited it is hard to tell how much time passed between, the rock throwing, baseball bat and dogs told to attack? 

Did the crew walk up to the woman,  ask her if she wanted to talk and she just started throwing rocks?

Remember, this woman's daughter had been recently shot. It is understandable that she might not want to talk to the media.  

Back to the video of the story, after the woman threw a rock at the camera, why did the news crew stick around? 

From an outsider that wasn't there it appears that there was a lack of tact (on both their ends) in this situation.

We don't for one bit condone the violence that this woman used against the news crew. 

But, this woman was not some criminal (at least not before the news crew showed up) and was not some scam artist that was ripping people off. She was the mother of a daughter that had just been shot. 

After she made it obvious that she didn't want to be interviewed or appear on camera, why did news crew continue to stay at her home with the camera rolling?

WLNE should release the raw tape on the entire incident. Let's see the story behind the story. 

Footnote to the story: WLNE Reporter Abbey Niezgoda is the daughter of WFAA News Director Carolyn Mungo.