Woman Arrested for Assault on News Crew


A Providence woman's daughter was shot at a graduation party over the weekend and when a WLNE news crew showed about to ask her about, she wasn't real happy.

Reporter Abbey Niezgoda and Photographer Marc Jackson showed up at the home of Melissa Lawrence. Lawrence did not want to speak on camera and when the crew continued to ask questions, Lawrence got nasty.

On the video you can see her throwing a rock at the camera. That might have been a good time to give up on the interview and pack it in. But the crew was still there when Lawrence grabbed a baseball bat. Then Lawrence turned her 2 dogs on the news crew. 

Reporter Niezgoda is seen throwing her mic to the ground and running down the street. Photographer Jackson keeps rolling as the dogs chased the reporter.  

Cops arrested and charged Lawrence with two counts of felony assault with a dangerous weapon.

By the way, her daughter, who was shot in the lower back has been released from the hospital. 

Here's the video of the station's story: