Heeeeeee's Baaaaaaaack!

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Keith Olbermann is making a return to cable TV.

This time, Olbermann is headed to TBS (one of the few cable Channels he hasn't pissed off....yet) to help host Turner’s coverage of the Major League Baseball postseason. 

Olby will be working out of TBS' Atlanta-based studio show with Dennis Eckersley and possibly a second analyst.

TBS has both Wild Card Playoff games, 18 of the 20 League Division Series games and exclusive rights to the National League Championship Series. 

Sources say the deal has an option for the 2014 postseason as well.

But come on! This is Keith Olbermann we're talking about.

No way he makes it to next year.  

Al Roker may have summed up the news best with a Facebook post:

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