Sinning in Sin City


It looks like one Las Vegas Reporter might want to update her resume. 

When the news came down that U.S. Supreme Court had thrown out a federal law called the Defense of Marriage Act stations all over the country covered the story. 

Las Vegas's KLAS Reporter Sharrie Harvin covered the story and it included a sound bite from Pastor Kelcey West of Nehemiah Ministries Christian Church.

Harvin said "Some people are extremely concerned about the direction this takes our nation" and cited God as "the ultimate judge" of same-sex relationships.

What Harvin did not say is that West is her pastor and Nehemiah Ministries is her church.

Oh! And she is the public relations director for the church.


Failure to disclose that relationship "was a mistake and a lapse of judgment on her part," said News Director Ron Comings.

Comings claims Harvin called 10 to 12 local churches without getting a response before turning to her own church. "I told her to get religious leaders."

Nonetheless, the conflict should have been disclosed, he said. 

He said the station plans to include a disclosure on the story online. 

But, this it isn't the first time Harvin has been using her church in a story. And  not surprisingly, Nehemiah Ministries comes out looking pretty good.

In this story from over a year ago, Harvin describes the church's system to combat fraud. In this one from last fall, she urges people to contribute to religious institutions, including her own church.

Looks like someone has some explaining to do. And I'm guessing some resume updating as well. 

Stay tuned... 

H/T Las Vegas City Life