"He Fired at Me"

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A photographer for WFSB in Hartford was shot at by a suspect police were searching for. 

Cops were looking for Andrew Samuolis, who was wanted for shooting a police officer and murdering his father.

While the search was on, the WFSB Photographer spotted the suspect wearing a bulletproof vest in a wooded area.

At first the suspect place gun he was carrying to his head. But as he sees the Photographer, he points at him and fires. 

The Photog retreats back to the news car where Reporter Kim Lucey is already inside the vehicle calling the cops and Tweeting.  

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Samuolis was apprehended by officers and K9 police dogs. After a search of his home they found the body of his father, who the suspect claims he killed back in February. 

The officer shot is expected to be ok.

Luckily for WFSB, they didn't have a Reporter like Jay Plyburn covering the story. 

Here's the video of the suspect taking a shot at the Photographer: