Greta: CNN F'd Up when they Got Rid of Larry King

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Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren appeared on Larry King's Ora TV show Thursday night and basically said that CNN F'd up when they got rid of Larry.

King asked her about Howard Kurtz leaving CNN and joining Fox News. Of course since Kurtz is coming to her network, she loved the idea and said it was a loss for CNN. 

But, then she turned to King....saying that CNN getting rid of him was "getting rid of the brand." 

After 25 years, CNN pulled the plug on King's show and replace him with Piers Morgan. King spent 25 years with CNN and left in 2010. Van Susteren described King's departure as CNN's "biggest loss."

"How do you get rid of the brand? I mean they got rid of Larry King, which was the brand at CNN," Van Susteren said. "I used to watch your numbers and every single night till the day you left, you were the top rated show. How do you get rid of the brand? That was really stupid."

Here's the video: