Triple the Ratings


WESH in Orlando will take a break from the George Zimmerman trial to cover the other HUGE story playing out in central Florida.  

The station will interview their Anchor Martha Sugalski.

In an Exclusive that you will only see on WESH, WESH Anchor Sugalski will talk about giving birth to triplets.

She delivered two boys and a daughter on Saturday. The station plans to tape the Sugalski interview during the day Thursday and play the segment in the 5 p.m. time slot, news director Bob Longo said.

WESH also will share the names of Sugalski's identical twin sons during the 5 p.m. news. The daughter is named Holden Quincy.

But Longo added that these plans could change if there is breaking news.

Sugalski announced her babies' arrival via Twitter on Sunday morning: "After 6 days on Babies Watch - guess who arrived!!! The triplets are here!!!!"

H/T Orlando Sentinel