Miami Anchor Desperately Searches for his Dog


As a huge animal lover, this story breaks our heart and we can totally feel for WFOR (Miami) Anchor Elliot Rodriguez.

The WFOR anchorman has lost his dog and is desperately trying to find him.

Rodriquez 6-year-old silky terrier Freddie is the unofficial station’s night-shift mascot.

Rodriguez used to bring the 10-pound Freddie to the studios, and Freddie was known to lie down and guard Rodriguez as he did his on-air thang at 5 p.m. and 11 p.m.

But Freddie bolted from a dog-sitter Monday morning and Rodriguez is worried sick.

During his dinner break at work, the newscaster now drives to the Miramar Parkway complex and distributes flyers.

“It’s like losing a family member,” Rodriguez said. “I’m convinced Freddie’s been kidnapped. He’s pretty friendly, and he probably walked up to someone who found him to be cute and decided to keep him.

“I’m just asking whoever’s got Freddie to do the right thing and give me a call.

“My number is on his collar, and he’s got a chip.”

Rodriguez handed the pooch to his step-daughter when he went to Canada on vacation earlier this month.

The anchorman returned home to Coral Gables Sunday as planned, but hours before he was to pick up Freddie, the dog ran away while preparing for a walk. “I guess Freddie got spooked when my step-daughter’s boyfriend took him outside for a walk.”

FTVLive hopes that Freddie and his Anchor Dad will be reunited soon.  

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