Pelley Heads to DC Bureau to Smooth Things Over

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Word is that CBS Anchor Scott Pelley was dispatched to CBS News’ Washington, DC, bureau last week by CBS brass to apologize for rubbing staffers there the wrong way.

At least that is what Page Six is reporting. They say that dissension over pugnacious Pelley’s brusque treatment of them “had been building up for a long time.

Pelley was ordered to go to the DC bureau on Thursday to offer an apology.

Page Six says that it had gotten really bad in the past few weeks, and he was told by management to get his ass to DC.” 

 Pelley's Rep says: “Scott is often in Washington, was a correspondent there for many years, and talks all the time with members of the team.” A friend added, “Scott just went to DC to visit with the staff and speak to them.”