Ann Curry to Get First Prime Time Special


Friday will mark one year mark that Ann Curry made her tearful farewell to the Today Show.

Curry say on the Today Show couch in her red dress and cried as she told viewers that she was being kicked to the curb. From that day forward, her co-host Matt Lauer became the bad guy.

At the time Curry was fired from the Today Show, NBC said she would become a world traveling reporter for NBC news and it would also include prime time specials (notice the "s" at the end of specials).

So how many Ann Curry specials have we seen so far? 

Zero. Zip. Nada. 

But, that will change on Friday night, when Ann Curry will have her first prime time special, exactly one year to the day she sat weeping on the Today Show couch. 

NBC writes in a press release: In an Ann Curry Report: A Face in the Crowd airing Friday, June 28 at 10p/9c, Ann Curry tells the remarkable story of courage, faith, improbable decisions, and an extraordinary transformation.

When he was 22 years old, Richard Norris suffered an accidental shotgun blast into his face that left him extremely disfigured. After living for 15 years as a recluse, Norris chose to risk a groundbreaking face transplant surgery with the hope that he and others like him, including America's wounded warriors, would benefit. For the first time, viewers will hear from Norris in his own words, the donor's parents, and the physician who made medical history.

So basically, NBC News is giving Ann Curry one prime time special on a Friday in June. they must hate this poor woman.