Tucson Weatherman Missing from the Air...again


We are outside a rating book, so that means that KOLD chief meteorologist Chuck George is off the air and on another leavce of absence.

This is the forth time that George has gone missing from the station since 2010. 

So far, KOLD General Manager Debbie Bush is not talking and George has not posted to his Twitter account since June 6.

George’s last leave was four weeks, ending May 2, when he revealed in an interview on air that he suffers from depression.

Reached by phone today, George said he is not ready to talk about his absence.

That was not the case in early May when he disclosed struggles with depression.

“I want to share the story for two reasons,” he said on the May 2 broadcast.

“One is because I really need to heal myself. It's kind of a final process in what I'm going through. And the other is because I want people to know that they're not alone. I thought I was alone for a long time. And I know I'm not now.”

The current absence is George's fourth since 2010. He took unexplained leaves from Sept. 9, 2011, to Oct. 24 of that year, as well as a five-week break in March and April 2010.

Expect George to be back in the next ratings book to talk about his last leave of absence.  

H/T Arizona Daily Star