The Bad Timing Award Goes to....

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Last week the big news story in the Birmingham market had been the disappearance of a 19 year old University of Alabama student after a river rafting accident.

Sadly, on Friday morning around 11AM her body had been found. 

At 11:30AM, WVTM aired their locally produced show "Daytime Alabama."  The show opened with host Wendy Garner standing beneath the covered bridge at the waters edge.

Where Garner was standing was just downstream from where the girl's body was discovered just a half hour before.

Garner made no mention of the searches in the area, still packing up their gear from the 40 plus hour search.

Why? Because the show was pre-taped and Garner's story was a fluff piece about the history of the covered bridges in the area. 

You would have thought someone at the station might have caught that and not aired Garner's report and pull something else from the can.  

Just saying....