Slowly Being Phased out in the Bugh


WTAE has been slowly phasing out longtime anchor Sally Wiggin and now they have taken another step in that process. 

Wiggin, once the main anchor at the station was busted down to the Noon show and now she's being taken off the anchor desk altogether.

The station announced that she will leave the anchor desk for a new assignment as host of a one-hour ongoing series of news specials called "WTAE Chronicle."

Wiggin did her best to spin the news that she will no longer being on the air each day. "Stations have to think of the future and they want me to be a part of that and that's validating," said Wiggin, 60. "When you get to this age, you want to be challenged because it's good for your brain. This will challenge me in a way reading a TelePrompTer was not."

The station says that Wiggin will continue contributing to WTAE newscasts, though not on a daily basis.

I think we can all agree, It sucks getting old. 

H/T Pittsburgh Post Gazette