Social Media Goes off on Geraldo

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Geraldo Rivera has opened his mouth and stuck in his foot one more time.  

Social media went off on Rivera after he tweeted a highly insensitive comment about the late Michael Hastings.

Hastings, a reporter for BuzzFeed and Rolling Stone, died in a fiery car crash this week in Los Angeles. He was best known for his Rolling Stone article on Afghanistan commanding general Stanley McChrystal. The story led to being McChrystal being

While many were shocked to hear of Hastings sudden death, Rivera was apparently not grieving.

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Shortly after Rivera's tweet, social media fired back. Many thought that Rivera was more than insensitive with his remarks. 

Rivera shot back this morning: 

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And apparently, Geraldo has a different kind of Twitter account than the rest of us. His account shows him which people served in the military, and what they watch and read:  

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Fox News has made no comment as of yet on Rivera's remarks.