CNN Crying Wolf?


There is no argument that CNN's Wolf Blitzer isn't the most exciting guy in the world.

Given a choice between watching Blitzer on CNN or watching paint dry, we know a few people that would opt for the paint.

And now rumor are flying that CNN boss Jeff Zucker is looking at cutting Blitzer's face time at the cable net.

The NY Daily News reports that the struggling cable channel plans to make lots of changes as it tries to win back viewers it has lost, with the biggest shakeup being to on-air talent, including Blitzer, host of “The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer.”

“Wolf is going to be gradually phased out and replaced with a younger, hipper host,” one CNN insider dishes to Confidential. “The decision has been made that people want to look at beautiful people, and although Wolf is no beast, they’re thinking younger.”

CNN has denied te rumor. But then again Jeff Zucker has denied many rumors in the past that turned out to be true.

Since the arrival of new boss Jeff Zucker in March, the studly Chris Cuomo and handsome Jake Tapper have joined CNN. Staffers expect more handsome fellas to follow.

“Oh course they want journalists with great credentials, but they also want reporters with a face, and body, for TV — not radio,” adds our CNN source. “Anderson Cooper is the networks’ poster child for a reason: He is super-cute and charming.”

Zucker has already fired James Carville, Mary Matalin and Roland Martin – who lashed out on his exit, blaming “white male executives.” Martin also described the network’s execs as “largely white male” and claimed they were uncomfortable with “strong, confident minorities” in prominent positions.

“Everyone is a little worried,” says our insider. “You know the on-air talent is scared when you see Piers Morgan eating a salad at lunch. If he is spotted at the gym, then you know the most trusted name in news will also be the prettiest.”

At the moment, Blitzer still has a heavy workload, but look for older faces to be slowly phased out in favor of ones Zucker has in mind. Blitzer has been at the network since 1990.

Zucker, not to be underestimated in drastically changing a network, is responsible for turning NBC’s “Today” into the most-watched morning show during his watch.

Zucker has held a few meetings with Joy Behar, whom he is trying to woo to CNN for a show of her own.

“Joy has met with him a few times,” another source told us. “Jeff likes Joy.”

H/T NY Daily News