Dallas Station Does a 180 on 4PM Newscast


It looks like WFAA in Dallas has changed their tune on doing a 4PM newscast. 

While both KXAS and KTVT in Dallas have started up 4PM newscasts, WFAA has spent the last couple of years poo-pooing the idea of an afternoon newscast.

But now it looks like that has changed.  

The station has posted a job opening for  “a producer who will plan and create WFAA’s first 4 p.m. newscast.”

Applicants “must be creative, able to producer interactive and smart newscasts and have a good understanding of Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to incorporate into the newscast,” the job description says. 

Word is the new newscast will launch in the Fall. 

in the past WFAA GM Mike Devlin shot down the idea of the station doing a 4PM newscast saying that it would tax the resources and budget of the station while also saturating the 4PM hour with too much local news.

The station currently is running Couric's talk show "Katie" at 4PM. "Katie" lost to both competitors 4PM newscasts in the May book.  

No word if Gannett who is buying WFAA was part of the decision of the 4PM cast or if GM Devlin just changed his mind all of the sudden?