It's a New Day


CNN latest attempt at a relevant morning show hit the air at 6AM this morning.

"New Day" built around a new anchor team of Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan and news reader Michaela Pereira kicked off at 6AM.

The show kicked off with the voice of James Earl Jones introducing the show, which really excited Chris Cuomo. 

Kate Bolduan admitted on the air to having a few butterflies. 

What you won't see on the show is cooking or dancing, at least that is what New Day EP Jim Murphy says. "We are not reinventing the wheel," says Murphy. And while "we have the resources to cover everything and be everywhere, all the time," high jinks will take a back seat on the set. "You won't see cooking and dancing and things like that." 

But in the end it will come down to Chemistry (right Ann Curry?). 

Cuomo and Bolduan have spent a lot of time together out off-camera to get a feel for each other and try and connect.

Will it all work, or will it be another ratings dud for CNN? 

We'll just have to watch (at least Jeff Zucker hopes you'll watch) and see.

Here is video of how the show opened this morning.