Rotting in Jail

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It appears that a former West Palm Beach weatherman is going to be sitting in his jail cell until at least Fall as he waits for his court date. 

It’s been a year since former WPTV-Channel 5 weatherman Rob Lopicola was arrested for allegedly having sex with at least two teenage boys near his West Palm Beach home — and he remains behind bars while awaiting a trial that keeps getting postponed!

While Lopicola’s day in court was originally scheduled for last December then June 24, it’s been pushed back yet again this week.

It’s now rescheduled for Oct. 21.

Lopicola, meanwhile, is rotting in the Palm Beach County lockup because he’s been unable to pay for his $110,000 bail. He pleaded not guilty to four felony charges of computer porn, child exploitation and lewd conduct and lascivious battery. He unsuccessfully tried to have his bail amount reduced twice but couldn’t document a steady stream of income.

Lopicola was declared indigent, and is represented by the tax-funded public defender’s office, but he started taking a more active role in his defense.

He dabbled in personal training after he was fired from the station in 2006 due to circumstances that officials at the NBC affiliate have refused to discuss publicly.

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