Fox News Sued Over Airing Man's Suicide


Fox News is being sued, but we doubt it is case they will lose and they shouldn't.  

The family of the man whose suicide Fox News accidentally aired is suing the network.

Last Fall, FNC was showing a high speed car chase in Arizona when driver JoDon Romero got out of his car and shot himself.

Fox was using a delay during the Chase, but human error caused the suicide to mak its way onto the air.  

Shepard Smith, who was anchoring at the time, apologized profusely, saying, "We really messed up. And we're all very sorry."

Courthouse News Service reported that Angela Rodriguez, the mother of three of Romero's children, is suing the network and News Corp. in Maricopa County Court. She has claimed "emotional distress" to her kids, saying that the two oldest children heard about the suicide while they were at school, watched the clip when they got home and realized it was their father.

The lawsuit said that the children "have been, and continue to be, severely traumatized" by the footage. They have flashbacks, trauma, sleep disturbances and intrusive thoughts, according to the suit, and are so depressed that they cannot go to school.

Smith said in September that the network created a five-second delay when Romero got out of his car with a gun. In a statement apologizing for showing the footage, executive vice-president of news editorial Michael Clemente said that the broadcast the result of "a severe human error." The local Fox affiliate in Phoenix, which supplied the live feed, employed a seven-second delay, and cut away from the footage without showing the suicide.

FTVLive's take is that the family has no case what-so-ever. This is just some lawyer who is hoping that Fox News will pay up to before the case ever goes to court. 

H/T HuffPo