Triple OT!

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Today's FTVLive is being done with one eye closed as we try to catch up on the sleep lost thanks to game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Chicago Blackhawks Outlasted the Boston Bruins, Winning Opener in Third Overtime.

The game was broadcast on NBC and it pushed the late local newscast into early this morning. 

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While true hockey fans were glided to the tube, some news anchors were ready for the game to be over and get on with the news. 

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Walker is the news anchor WDSU in New Orleans and he was clearly not happy that the game was going on and on.

Sugalski works at WESH in Orlando and she's pregnant with triplets that are due very soon. The while it was a long wait for the game to end, Sugalski was waiting for 4. 

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