My Brain Has Gotten Smaller

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Yesterday, FTVLive broke the news that famed LA Chopper Reporter Bob Tur was going to change from a man to a woman.  


Tur says he has been on hormones to change from a man to a woman for the for the past 35 days.

He says that being on the hormone treatment he can feel his body change and his brain get smaller, like a woman's.

Not sure many woman are going to appreciate Bob saying that.

“There have been incredible changes that happen physically and mentally. Mental changes have already happened. The brain is plastic, so its gotten smaller and feminized. I’m thinking the same way a woman would think. About the five-month mark, you won’t recognize me. My body is changing, my skin is changing, hair is changing, and I’ll have a female shape. Breasts start growing and I’ll lose body hair. Later on, about 12 months, there are another couple of surgeries. Facial feminization surgery and sexual reassignment surgery,” Tur said.

Tur's daughter Katy is a reporter for NBC News and has yet to speak about her Dad's decision to become a woman. 

Tur is chronicling his change from man to to woman on his Facebook page Robert "Zoey" Tur.  

Tur plans on changing his name from Bob to Zoey, when he becomes a woman.