Look Who's Back in TV News

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Back in May, FTVLive told you about Jay Plyburn.

Plyburn was the reporter that quit his job  at Hearst Duop  KHBS-/ KHOG (Ft. Smith)  because he was sent out in bad weather to cover a storm. 

Plyburn claims that he was sent out to cover possible tornado damage and he as he wrote in an email to his co-workers "lightning was striking all around us. This was the single most frightening experience of my life."

Then when he got back to the station, no one even took the time to say "thank you."

In his email, which also doubled as his resignation letter, Plyburn wrote "When the day was done and we finally got back to the station, it was business as usual. No managers had any sort of feedback...just a new list of things they wanted done."

He then use the email to say he would not be coming back into work and no story was worth losing his life over.

Plyburn has landed another another job and it is back in TV news. He will be the morning anchor across the street at KFSM. 

We advised Plyburn to get out of the business altogether, but it appears that he did not take our advice.

Hopefully as an anchor, Plyburn will just stay inside the cushy studio all day and KFSM won't dare send him out on story where he might be in danger. And God knows, you better thank him when he gets back from the story! 

All we can say is good luck Jay and don't shuffle those papers around to fast on the anchor desk. We don't want you to get a paper cut and end up quitting the station.