Left on the Cutting Room Floor


Last night, FTVLive favorite Robin Meade held a private launch concert in New York at "The Cutting Room." 

The concert was to promote her new album "Count on me" which is available on iTunes and at Target.  

Robin was nice enough to extend FTVLive an invitation and we almost hopped on a plane to the Big Apple so we could attend and support our favorite anchor and country singer. 

When we got the invitation we saw that CNN President Jeff Zucker would be there, we also found out that Matt Lauer would also be there along with a bunch of who's who in the network TV world. 

We decided that FTVLive being in the same room as Jeff Zucker and Matt Lauer might make for some very interesting stories. But, in the end we decided the night should be about Robin and her brand new excellent album.  

Plus, we could not find a kevlar vest on such short notice. 

FTVLive politely declined the invite.

But DAMN! You just know how much fun it would have been.