California Anchor Still Missing from the Air

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Back in February, FTVLive told you about KEYT (San Luis Obispo) Anchor Paula Lopez's bizarre incident when the anchor was reported missing and was part of a police search.

She was found safe and sound a few hours later at her home. 

She nor her family would give any details as to what happened? The station released this statement "the family will not make any further comments regarding the circumstances surrounding her disappearance."

We were told she had a medical condition, but no one ever said what that condition was.  It was a very strange ending to a very strange story. 

Then in April, Lopez returned to the air to resume anchoring the newscast. A few weeks later she was gone again from the air and hasn't been seen on TV since. 

Her bio remains on the station's website, yet no has addressed the issue as to why Lopez is still off the air and when or if she is ever going to return?