The Best of SoFlo


Who is the best TV News reporter in South Florida?  What about Best Anchor?

If you believe the Palm Beach, Broward News Times, then it's WFOR Reporter Brian Andrews for best Reporter and WSVN's Belkys Nerey as best anchor. 


Andrews and Nerey won the award for "Best Reporter "  and "Best Anchor"picked by the staff at the New Times.

Also note that the New Times picked Alligator Alley as the "Best Place to get High." so we don't know if they were drugged up when they picked Nerey and Andrews or not. 

The magazine says of Andrews: The dude is 100 percent élan, and his vibe perfectly fits Miami and Broward. You'll never catch Andrews looking like he's going to a funeral. He pulses with color, just like our wacky state does. And Andrews' stories, whether they detail the latest on a murder or a major storm or some international intrigue, always go further to bring us the news we need now.  

Speaking of Nerey, the New Times writes: Belkys Nerey has jumped from reporter to style correspondent to anchor, building up a faithful audience with an on-camera approachability that's the antithesis of frosty and fake. The charm doesn't seem to drop when the cameras turn off. In fact, she's probably the only member of the local anchorati you could approach in public without getting your face chewed off.

The New Times did not give you the "Best Place to get you face chewed off'" but it has happen in Miami.