Get out of Bed with Hottie Julie Durda

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 6.48.28 AM.png

Do you want to have weather hottie Julie Durda wake you up each morning? 

There's an app for that. 


WPLG in Miami has released a new app called "Wake Up With Local 10." The app gives users easy access to the time, weather, traffic and a live stream of  WPLG all from its home page. 

But the most interesting feature has to be the alarm clock. You can set the alarm to play a pre-recorded wake up greeting from any one of the WPLG morning news anchors –
Jason Martinez,  Jen Herrera, Constance Jones or the very popular Julie Durda.

We haven't downloaded the app yet, so we don't know what sweet things Durda whispers in your ear to wake you, but were guessing it might not be as sexy as what many guys had hoped.

If you don't want one of the WPLG anchors to wake can always pick a police siren. It is

Miami after all.