Al Jazeera America Has a Launch Date


If you're like me, you have been sitting on pins and needles wondering when Al Jazeera America is going to finally launch?

OK, so maybe you are really like me and could care less. 

Either way, the old Current TV channel will launch as Al Jazeera America the week of August 24th.

At launch they will have some shows already announced. Ali Velshi's show, called Real Money and air at 7PM., a nightly newsmagazine will be on at 9 and America Tonight, which will be a more in depth news show will also be in the prime time lineup.

But the network still doesn't have a President. 

Rumors have circulated that for CNN News Boss Jon Klein and former ABC news head David Westin are pitching the gig.

Word is that Al Jazeera is going to make a hire in the next couple of weeks.