Chicago Weatherman's Brother to Get out of Jail Early

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Former Enron CEO and current jailbird Jeffrey Skilling should be out of jail in just four years, skipping nearly a decade of his prison sentence for corporate fraud and graft.

How is he able to get out so early? Skilling is expected to get early release with a combination of cash payments and legal maneuvers.

Word is that Skilling is paying Enron's victims some $40 million and has agreed to stop the lawsuits that are involved with his conviction and sentence in 2006.


Skilling's promised payments would equal 0.1% of the $40 billion Enron stole under Skilling's leadership. He was originally sentenced to 24 years behind bars, but his total sentence would be half of that if his lawyers get approval.

The TV news tie in?

Jeff Skilling is the brother of WGN Chicago Weatherman Tom Skilling.