Chris Cuomo Delves into Amanda Knox's Sex Life

CNN's Chris Cuomo is catching some heat for his interview with Amanda Knox last night.  

Gawker writes that it appeared that Cuomo felt he had been hired by the morality polizia to interrogate Knox about her role as a sexfun badgirl.

"Knox is into some freaky sexual things!" he barked at her.

"Were you into into deviant sex? Insensitive question, but hey..."

"Still smoke weed?"

Throughout the interview, Cuomo seemed to be working a sort of good cop/bad cop angle in which he was the bad cop and the only good cop is a bad cop so he was also the good cop (a bad cop).

Viewers immediately began lambasting the performance—which would have been equally informative if CNN had just played Rick James' "Super Freak" over a static image of Knox for 90 minutes—online, calling Cuomo "a jerk" and "an asshole" and "a horrible interviewer."

After the interview, social media ramped up some heat on Cuomo and questioned his direction of the interview. 

One Gawker commentator summed up their thoughts in just a couple of sentences.

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