Phoenix Station Refuses to Become Part of the Circus


KPHO (Phoenix) has tried to cover the Jodi Arias without getting caught up in the hype and reporting rumors.

They plan on staying with that plan for the verdict. KPHO News Director Michelle Donaldson posted a message to viewers on the station's website promising that they will continue with professional coverage of the jury's decision, "we will not add to the circus atmosphere by putting up tents or stages or hiring actors."

The trial has become a circus to say the least and the KPHO news boss wants no part of that.

"The trial of Jodi Arias has attracted national attention.  The four months of testimony are finally over.  Now, a jury takes up the sobering task assigned to it by our American system of justice.  CBS 5 News has been humbled by the responsibility of covering this trial from gavel to gavel, cutting through the rhetoric to provide context and facts in relaying the key points of the case by the prosecution and defense.  Our county courthouse has been transformed into a spectacle.  Sound stages have been built and actors are playing the role of jurors on primetime television.  While we at CBS 5 pledge continuing and professional coverage of the jury's decision, we will not add to the circus atmosphere by putting up tents or stages or hiring actors.  We will not forget that at the heart of this case is a young man whose life was cut short and family members who grieve for him.  A jury will decide whether the killing of Travis Alexander was murder, self-defense or something else.  We will not turn it into entertainment.  We recognize this trial is just one of the many stories weighing on the hearts and minds of the people in our community.  We will not lose focus in continuing to bring you the news of the day with stories that help to inform, empower and keep you safe. CBS 5 News believes that holding the powerful accountable means holding ourselves accountable for journalism that matters.  When the verdict does come down, you can count on CBS 5 to bring you the full story.  In the meantime, we will dedicate ourselves to honest, relevant journalism and Telling It Like It Is."