Howard Kurtz Says Sorry with PR Stunt

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In a PR stunt to try and rebuild what is left of his reputation, TV (except for CNN) Critic Howard Kurtz went on his CNN show Reliable Sources and apologized for being anything but reliable. 

Kurtz said he was sorry for screwing up the story of NBA anchor Jason Collins, he was also sorry for making fun of Collins and he was sorry for the he corrected his correction on the story for Jason Collins.

“It was a mistake that I made and it was sloppy and inexcusable," Kurtz said at the top of his show.

He then brought on two media critics to quote "turn the tables" on him and ask him how he could screw up a story so bad.

He was questioned by NPR's David Folkenflik, who treated Kurtz with kid gloves and acted like his was scolding a kid that came home after curfew.

He was also questioned by Politico's Dylan Byers. Byers grilled Kurtz and asked him some tough questions, not only about his screw up on the Collins' story, but a number of other stories he screwed up as well. 

Kurtz said, he would like this affair “to be viewed in the full context of my career."

As one commentator on a blog so eloquently put it "Okay, fair enough, Howie. Your whole career sucks!"

Here's the video: