Double Duty at the Derby


The AP says that Gary Stevens will be pulling double-duty at the Kentucky Derby by riding in the race and reporting on it.

The Hall of Fame jockey will be aboard Oxbow, a 30-1 long shot in Saturday's race. Stevens has ridden in 18 Derbies and won three times. The 50-year-old jockey is four months into a comeback after being retired for seven years.

During his years out of the saddle, Stevens joined NBC as a racing analyst. Since he can't be in two places at once, Stevens will contribute a taped interview to the broadcast and will be miked for sound during the Derby.

"Gary is still on our announce team but he is a jockey trying to win a Kentucky Derby and we respect that," producer Rob Hyland said.

NBC host Tom Hammond jokingly chided Stevens "because he has abandoned me at the desk."

Stevens would love to have it both ways: a garland of roses at the finish and a bang-up broadcast.

"I am going to be a little bit greedy here and hope to become a main story line of the race," he said. "I hope everybody has a great show and everybody gets around there safe."

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