The Fox Mole: Dreading the Call from Roger Ailes


Joe Muto worked for Fox News until he was fired for leaking information about the Fox News Channel to the website Gawker.

Muto was writing as the "Fox Mole" for Gawker and it didn't take long for Fox to sniff out the mole and get rid of him. 


Authorities raided raided Muto's apartment and took his laptop among other items. Muto ended up pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges and he ain't ever getting back his laptop.

Since Muto's days in TV news are most likely over, he decided to write a book. It is aptly titled "An Atheist in the FOXHOLE."

Muto talks about his time working as a Producer on "The O'Reilly Factor" and he talks about the one call that every producer deeded.

Muto writes that "Roger (Ailes) himself had a phone in his office, a hotline he could pick up and immediately be connected to the control room. Every producer knew that, and dreaded seeing his name on the caller ID. If Roger took the time to personally call the control room, in my experience it was almost never complimentary."

Muto also writes about how much O'Reilly would hate when upper management would get involved in the production of his show.

"Bill hated more than management impositions on his show. These impositions almost always followed the same pattern — Stan would get a phone call in his office from one of Roger’s underlings, usually a vice president named Bill Shine. I’d hear Manskoff’s end of the conversation. “You’re killing me here, you know that, don’t you,” Stan would say. “You know he’s going to hate this.” Manskoff would hang up, shaking his head in disbelief, and make the fifteen-foot trek to Bill’s office, closing the door behind him. Through the door, we’d hear muffled talking from Stan, then muffled shouting from Bill, followed shortly by the door popping open and Stan bolting from the office like a pinball from a launcher.

“I’ll do it this time, Manskoff,” Bill would call after him, “just this once. But I’m tired of this bullshit!” He’d always slow down for the next part, hammering each phrase so there would be no mistake in the future: “I want the interference! With my show! To stop! Now!”"

The book will be available starting June 4th.