F-Bomb Anchor Continues Having Delusions of Grandeur

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When A.J. Clemente opened his first ever newscast with the words "Fuckin' Shit" and then was fired, we felt for the guy. 

He was a rookie anchor that should have never been on the air in the first place, so you can't put the total blame on him.

But, our feeling of sympathy has turned to wonderment as in we wonder what the hell this guy is thinking?

After getting sacked he made the rounds on the talk shows so basically the hosts could poke fun at him to his face.

But all the attention has gone to Clemente's head and now his ego has grown faster than his firing after throwing down the F-Bomb.

Clemente told Letterman if ESPN calls him, he's willing to listen.

Now what till you see what Clemente is looking at for his next career move?

“I know that I need to get better, but I’ve learned a lot since getting fired. I thought my ideal job would be a medium size market somewhere, but I have to admit that after doing the red carpet for Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan and meeting stars like Pierce Brosnan, Hollywood sounds pretty good", Clemente told Radar Online. 

Are you Fuckin' kidding me?!

This guy isn't good enough to work in Bismarck, let alone a medium size market. Now, he's thinking LA is the place for him.

Somebody needs to get this guy back to reality and fast!