Dr. Drew is Sick of Killing People


It looks like 5 deaths was enough for Dr. Drew.

The TV Doc says he is pulling the plug on his show Celebrity Rehab.

The show which was a better predictor of who to take next in your celebrity death pool than it was a rehabbing people is canceled.

“I don’t have any plans to do it anymore,” Dr. Drew said “I am tired of taking all the heat, it is just ridiculous.”

5 of Drew's "patients" that were featured on the show are now dead.

The show caught the most heat after country singer Mindy McCready committed suicide.

At the time, Dr. Drew went on television to remind people that the singer had a long history of substance abuse and mental health issues and had not “sustained” her treatment.

Her death was the most recent  to have hit the Celebrity Rehab alumni.

The others that appeared on the show and are now dead are Jeff Conaway, Rodney King, Mike Starr and Joey Kovar.