60 Minutes Sunday

Here's what's in the hopper for TV's number 1 News magazine this Sunday:


COUNTERINSURGENCY COPS – Counterinsurgency tactics they used overseas in the military are helping law enforcement officers take back the streets of Springfield, Mass., from criminal gangs.  Lesley Stahl reports. Andrew Metz is the producer.

ROBIN HOOD – Inspired by a 1986 60 MINUTES story, Paul Tudor Jones founded the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity that has given over $1.25 billion to New York’s neediest. Scott Pelley reports. Henry Schuster is the producer.

INVISIBLE WOUNDS – Tens of thousands of battlefield veterans now suffer permanent brain injuries from concussions — or traumatic brain injuries — received in Afghanistan and Iraq.  David Martin reports on a situation the military is only recently coming to grips with. Mary Walsh is the producer.