Ummmm....That's the Guy!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 7.22.08 AM.png

WMTW News 8 in Maine was doing a story on a 73-year-old Limington man who had been missing for more than 14 hours.

Reporter Norm Karkos was doing live hits on the story while authorities were searching for Robert McDonough, who they say who suffers from dementia.

The camera was rolling on Karkos between live shots and a man can be seen walking about behind the Reporter.

Karkos looks the man right in the face and says hello to him. Even though Karkos had been reporting on the missing man all morning, he doesn't realize that THIS IS THE GUY!

They finally did figure out it was the man the authorities were looking for and they contacted them. 

Watch the video of the guy walk right up to the crew on the station's website.