NY Mayoral Candidate: TV is a Dying Industry


Anthony Weiner who became infamous for posting a picture of his weiner on the Internet is still a big fan of the information highway.

Not so much with TV news.

Weiner is trying to make a political comeback by running for Mayor in New York City.

It hasn't really gotten off to a great start and people can't get the images he posted online out of their mind.

At a local campaign stop Weiner was making his way through a thicket of boom mikes and video cameras to a waiting SUV. But before leaving, he had a dialogue with Jenesis Vaughn, an eight-year-old second-grader at PS 182 who told the candidate she wanted to be a journalist one day.

“What kind of reporter do you want to be?” Weiner bent down to ask the vivacious little girl. “A print reporter, for a newspaper, or a TV reporter?”

“I just want to be a TV reporter,” she answered eagerly.

Weiner bent down lower, as if to impart a confidence. “You might not want to go into TV—it’s a dying industry,” he told her. “The Internet is where it’s at.”

It's also the place you can find weiner pictures of Weiner.

H/T Daily Beast