Why Gov. Christie Lost His Today Show Co-Host Job

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Gov. Chris Christie was on the Today Show this morning and NBC had billed it as Christie was going to co-host the show.

He was on this morning, but NBC no longer called it "co-hosting the show."

According to NBC, Christie sat down “for an extended interview.” 

The reason NBC changed Christie's appearance from co-host to interview is because Christie’s lesser-known primary opponent grounds for requesting equal on-air time. 

And God knows if we wanted to watch a news program hosted by someone we never heard of, we'd watch MSNBC.

“Gov. Christie will sit down with Today for an extended interview and he will be a part of a ribbon cutting ceremony to open the Jersey Shore for the summer season,” Today show spokeswoman Megan Kopf said in a statement. “He will not serve as guest co-host as we don’t want the ‘equal time’ rules to distract from the real focus of the show, which is to highlight the Jersey Shore.”

The federal rule aims to force broadcasters to afford equal airtime for legally qualified candidates.

But despite billing Christie’s appearance as an extended interview, a post on a Today show website still reads Christie will “co-host” the show for an hour.

By the way, we watched a bit of his interview and it was kind of boring. Maybe it was better that he didn't co-host after all.

 H/T politickernj.com