The New Xbox is More than Just a Game Console


There was a time when you mostly played video games on video game consoles. But if Microsoft has its way, you’ll do much more than that on the upcoming Xbox One console – and watch a new “Halo” live-action show from Steven Spielberg, too.

On Tuesday, the company unveiled its entrant into the next-generation console war, showing off the Xbox One in an event in Redmond, Wash.  But this is no mere game machine. Three months after Sony first announced its own hyped PlayStation 4 console, Microsoft broke out big names like Spielberg and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for its hourlong presentation that brought forth a “powerful, all-in-one device,” according to the Xbox president of interactive entertainment, Don Mattrick.

The Xbox One will be an entertainment hub, letting you control your TV, surf the Web, Skype and, yes, play video games. And it will also be the home of Spielberg’s new project, a collaboration between the Hollywood legend and Microsoft to make an original “Halo” live-action television series with interactive Xbox One content.

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