Another Bay Area TV Crew Is Robbed

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Forget banks, liquor stores or  jewelry, in Oakland, CA the thieves target of choice is TV news crews.

Bay area crews have been robbed so many times that the stations have hired security guards to tag along with the news crews on stories.

But even that hasn't helped.

Thugs broke into a KGO news van outside an Oakland art gallery on Tuesday.

Not only that, these idiots also broke into the private security vehicle assigned to protect the news van. 

The news crew was taping a news segment in broad daylight  when the brazen thieves broke the van's windows and helped themselves to whatever iPhones and other little stuff was easily to swipe. Then they busted into the security guard's car.

The guard was inside the art gallery protecting the crew, instead of protecting the van. 

The team of four crooks hopped into a green Jaguar and sped away.

No arrests have been made.