St. Louis Anchor's Facebook Page is Gone

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Yesterday (yes we updates 7 days a week) FTVLIve told you that St. Louis Anchor Larry Connors had been barred by the station from posting on Facebook.

Now, his Facebook page has disappeared all together.

Connors made some waves last week when he claimed on his Facebook page that he became a target of the IRS after his interview with President Obama.

Connors then admitted that his IRS trouble started before the interview with the President.

Connors was taken off the air, but the station stopped short of calling it a suspension (even though that is exactly what ii is).

Connors who has become a figure for the right wing for calling out Obama and then facing heat for the move has hired an attorney. The attorney claims that the company has barred Connors from posting on Facebook or talking about the incident.

There is no doubt that there's now some bad blood between Connors and KMOV parent company BELO. 

BELO felt that Connors crossed the line in his post on the social media website.

“As a news anchor, he owes a duty to our viewers to report in an unbiased manner. His Facebook post and his Twitter posts, as a result, were inappropriate. And we don’t condone personal posts that jeopardize the journalistic nature of our business. It’s really that simple, ” said BELO's Mike Valentine.

Now, Connors' Facebook page (with just under 5,000 likes) has been deleted. 

It also appears that with Connors hiring an attorney, he is contemplating legal action against the station. In other words this could be getting very ugly very fast.

Has Larry Connors anchored his last newscast at KMOV?

Stay tuned....