NBC Pressuring Ann Curry to "Get" Angelina Jolie

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Word is that the brass at NBC wants Ann Curry to land an interview with her friend Angelina Jolie.

Jolie made news when she announced that she secretly had a double mastectomy, 

Now according to Radar Online, the news division chiefs at the Peacock want Curry to capitalize on that close relationship and “convince her to give her first television interview about the procedure,” said one source.

The network is prepared to offer the Academy Award-winning actress a two-hour, primetime special for the interview, along with airtime on Today, the insider added.

“Ann would be prominently featured in all of the promotions and publicity if Angelina agreed to do it,” the source said.

“Angelina made it known after Ann was demoted from Today that the only journalist to interview her from the Peacock network would be Curry.”

Jolie has been the latest "get" that all the networks are going for. NBC thinks they have an inside track with Curry.

It could be an interesting morning if Ann was to comeback on the Today Show to talk about her interview with Jolie. 

We know, we'd be watching.

H/T Radar Online