Jenna Wolfe Enjoys some R&R


NBC's Jenna Wolfe is finally getting some down time since dropping the news back in March that she was not only gay, but she was pregnant as well. 

Wolfe made the announcement on the Today Show that she and her partner, NBC News foreign correspondent Stephanie Gosk, are expecting a baby.

Since then, Wolfe had not slowed down a bit. She's been busy with Weekend Today and doing reporting as well.

She finally got a couple of days off (in a row!).

She writes on her blog greetings from my first back-to-back days off in months -- not NBC's fault; I just apparently have a lot to do! I never want to say “no” to a weekday shoot, and I never want to say “no” to a weekend shoot, and I never want to say “no” to traveling and I never want to ... you get it. 

On top of that, I'm not sure what I'd do with two days off. (I have a hard enough time with one!) I've found that I'm far more productive when I'm busy than when I have the whole day ahead of me.

ME ON BUSY DAYS: OK, I can squeeze in a workout now and then write my script, meet with my producer to game plan our next shoot, join the morning TODAY meeting, do our interview at 11, grab a quick lunch with Lindsay, shoot our second interview at 3, hop into an edit session, meet Steph for dinner and I'm home by 8.

ME ON DAYS OFF: What? There's a 10-hour “Law & Order” marathon on today?! Awesome!

Wolfe spent her very mini vacation down in South Florida and adjusting to her body being pregnant.

"My pre-pregnancy ailments: NONE.

My mid-pregnancy ailments: Morning sickness, heartburn, lower back pain, broken wrist, tweaked knee, shoulder tendinitis, tight jaw, fatigue, insomnia. lack of balance and the always popular pregnancy brain. And I'm just pulling into month six!"

Wolfe is also wondering what her child will call her TWO Moms?




I thought it would be nice if one of us is “Mom” and the other is the French word for “mom,” since I grew up in Haiti speaking French. But the French word for “mom” is “Maman,” and when you say it aloud, it sounds like there's a piece of cheese stuck in your throat and so Steph put the kibosh on that real fast. Needless to say, navigating the delicate task of parental name-calling is an on-going conversation. Open to suggestions."

You can read her full blog post here