Former Anchor Now Reads Poetry Instead of News


Rob Morrison used read the news on WCBS in New York. 

Now the disgraced former anchor says he starts off his day reading the inspirational Rudyard Kipling poem “If” daily to himself.

“I read that every single morning when I wake up and it helps ... put things in perspective,” Morrison told the NY Daily News.

Morrison, who was fired....errrrr.....quit his high-profile post on WCBS in February after he was charged with choking and threatening to kill his wife, CBS MoneyWatch anchor Ashley Morrison, said he has also turned for solace to charity work and the woeful Mets as he tries to put his life back together.

“And I’m just spending as much time with my son as I can,” Morrison told The News. “We went to a Mets game. It was an awesome Sunday game. They beat the Nationals.”

Morrison’s life started falling apart after police responding to reports of a fight at the couple’s suburban Connecticut home charged him with second-degree strangulation and other charges.

Morrison, who is due back in court on May 21, is barred from seeing his wife and from staying at their home.

Because of the restraining order, Morrison can only call her to discuss their 7-year-old son.

The ex-Marine who once anchored “This Morning” and “News at Noon" for WCBS went from a local TV star to national joke when a mug shot of him sporting a blood-streaked nose and lip went viral.

Morrison, 44, said he is now trying to show Stamford prosecutors that he “takes this very seriously.”

“I’m trying to go above and beyond what is expected of me so there can be some sort of disposition," the scandal-scarred anchor said. "I'm willing to jump through any hoop that I have to in order to make things right with my family."

But Morrison said he will “never, ever” plead guilty to choking his wife, even for a reduced sentence. And he said right now his priority is reuniting with his family — not reviving his career.

“It would be sad if something I gave 25 years to ended in scandal," Morrison said. "But then again, I'm proud of everything I accomplished in my career."

He said he has been spending as much time with his son as allowed.

“I’m just trying to keep things as normal for him as possible,” he said. “I’m helping to coach his baseball team.”

Morrison refused to discuss whether he is receiving anger management or alcohol abuse counseling. He spoke with a News reporter not long after he launched into a profanity-filled tirade against another reporter from a local Connecticut paper who wrote a story he didn’t like.

“That was an unfortunate conversation,” he admitted. “I have since spoken to the kid and our second conversation was a little more amiable.”

You have to love how Morrison called the reporter a "kid"....this is no doubt a dig at the reporter.

Rob Morrison has a number of issues and FTVLive thinks it might take a lot more than reading a poem to fix them.

H/T NY Daily News